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The Coles Group works with local businesses to design and implement tailored and innovative group and employee benefits plans and insurance solutions. We provide consulting, administration, pension and claims services.

Employee Benefits Consulting

Employee benefits plans are a tax effective means of compensation, provide coverage without a medical exam, and help businesses attract and retain their most valuable asset – quality employees.

The Coles Group sources proposals from the leading insurers in Canada to compete for your business.

We believe in a holistic approach to compensation, while tapping into the latest concepts and innovation in today’s marketplace. The Coles Group holds long term partnerships with a solid network of professionals in various fields of expertise in the Group and Pension Plan industry.

Pension Plans

The Coles Group offers consulting on all types of pension plans and for groups of any size.
We ensure that your pension plan complies with applicable legislation. We review and adapt your pension plan so that it meets the needs of the members and/ or employees.

Our thorough review and analysis process ensures that your pension plan and pension fund are managed in the best possible way.

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